BLANK Board Manufacturing was founded by the fusion of a group of people who are dedicated and passionate about the growth of Boardsports through relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity.

Blank Boardsports alots substantial resources on Research and Development to make our products on the cutting edge of innovation and be a trendsetter in boardsports industry. Merging the concepts of innovation, design and being user friendly, are the driving force of Research and Development.

Blank Boardsports is all about automating the prodiction process to have an unmatched production turn around time, but maintaining the hand crafted finishing touches on each produced, to ensure and guarantee superior quality and performance.


To revolutionize the boardsport industry through pioneering technology and production process that enables us to have timely delivery of quality and durable products at the least cost using sustainable and environmental friendly materials to our customers and end users.


To be the most innovative, creative, efficient boardsport manufacturer in the world through the use of cutting edge technology and skilled hand craftsmanship.