ALAY 133


“All Rounder water tricks and speed”

Like the Commute, The Alay is also an all rounder board. It is good for riders who can edge aggressively in the water for air tricks. Any effort you put into this deck, it will give back 100% and more. Since it has a continuous rocker and a fairly flat bottom shape. The board is slippery fast and consistent on the features. The Alay uses an exclusive V – Tech construction. V tech is a vertically laminated hardwood veneer that sits on top of and is integrated to the paulownia wood core. Veneer tech also helps us to control where the board is stiff and where the board is soft. It helps us fine tune. The Alay is also very stiff in the middle and flexible in the tips that will give stylish, high presses and comfortable landings.

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Size Length Width Rocker Stance Rider range
133 133cm
53.3cm – 62.2cm
137 137cm
55.8cm – 67.3cm
31-75 kilos
141 141cm
55.8cm – 67.3cm
61-93 kilos

Solid Wood Core

Engineered solid wood core:

Vertically laminated wood. The wood pieces that make up the core are assembled side by side and glued. every piece is checked for quality and direction of grain.

The Alay core is engineered to flex, but the flex is controlled. Our thickness taper is pronounced and adjusted for performance characteristics that are desired in every area of the board. Having the thickest point of the core between the riders feet reduces reverse flex while grinding rails. This also focuses the greatest amount of flex from the bindings to the tips…. where it should be. This core is made to take any punishment and come out on top! One huge bonus is our unique thickness taper spreads out the shock of impact when hitting features.

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